JADE Energy & Environment

JADE focuses on equipment research, development, and manufacturing for organic solid waste pyrolysis to solve the problems of urban and rural organic wastes disposal in the principle of “Harmless, Reduction, Recycling”.

Company through the introduction of Tongji University Thermal energy and environmental engineering Institute of waste energy patent results.

Technology Partner

With over 10 years research and development, the Institute of Thermal and Environmental Engineering developed a pyrolysis process for various properties of solid wastes and treatment requirements and has been successfully applied in many engineering applications.

Design Partner

Hefei Shanghua Engineering Design Co., Ltd. has Grade A qualification in chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries (chemical engineering), Grade B qualification in chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries design. Meanwhile, with the building engineering design and urban planning qualifications, engineering consulting qualifications, and pressure pipelines (GB1, GB2, GC1(1)(2)(3), GC2, GC3, GD2) and other qualifications, Shuanghua owns the capability in chemical engineering, pharmaceutical engineering, construction, structure, water supply and drainage, electrical, HVAC, automatic control, equipment, cost, urban planning, and other project design.