High solid anaerobic digestion

The process is based on continuous dry fermentation of organic wastes by horizontal plug-flow digester with mesophilic orthermophilic process. The solid content in digester ranges from 15% to 35% upon waste type and the retention time isapproximately 2-3 weeks. 

The digester assures high operation stability thanks to simple, sturdy design and efficient control systems. Two low-speedagitators equipped in digester ensure optimum organics degradation and biogas yield. Special design on the agitator paddlesprevents sedimentation of heavy and fine inert materials and floating of light materials in the substrate.

The digester has high flexibility to process different kinds of wastes:

The digester features:

★ Organic fraction of municipal solid waste (MSW)
★ Agro-wastes, poultry waste
★ Farm/animal wastes
★ Food waste and sewage sludge

    ★ Patented process with 10 years know-how
    ★ High biogas yield through plug-flow digestion
    ★ Continuous and stable operation
    ★ Compact design with low land occupation


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